April: I am co-organizing a workshop at BIRS on Numerical Analysis and Approximation Theory meets Data Science with Andrea BertozziRon DeVore and Clayton Webster.

January/February: I will be attending the Isaac Newton Institute programme on Uncertainty quantification for complex systems: theory and methodologies at the University of Cambridge.


October: My group members Simone Brugiapaglia, Yi Sui, Matthew King-Roskamp and I will be attending the 1st SIAM PNW Biennial Meeting in Corvallis, Oregon.

August: I will be attending the IVth AMMCS International Conference in Waterloo, Canada and giving the Kolmogorov-Wiener Prize lecture.

July: I will be attending the 2017 Mathematical Congress of the Americas in Montreal, Canada and giving a talk in the special session on Harmonic Analysis and Inverse Problems.

July: I will be attending the 2017 CAIMS Annual Meeting at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada and giving the CAIMS/PIMS Early Career Award lecture.

July: I will be attending the 2017 FoCM Conference in Barcelona, Spain and giving talks in the Approximation Theory  and Computational Harmonic Analysis and Compressed Sensing workshops.

May: Claire Boyer is visiting SFU for one month as a PIMS Distinguished Visitor.

May: I will be an Invited Speaker at the 47th John H. Barrett Memorial Lectures at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

March: I will be attending the Oberwolfach workshop on Multiscale and High-Dimensional Problems.

February: I will be speaking in the minisymposium on Compressive Sampling Methods In High-Dimensional Stochastic and Parametric Approximations at the 2017 SIAM CS&E conference.

February: Akil Narayan is visiting SFU on 09/02.

February: Clayton Webster is visiting SFU and giving the PIMS-CSC Colloquium.

January: I will be speaking in the SCAIM Seminar at UBC on January 17.


December: I will be speaking in the Data Seminar at Johns Hopkins University on December 7.

October: Paul Constantine is visiting SFU from 05/10 – 08/10.

September: Rodrigo Platte is visiting SFU from 19/09 – 30/09

September: I am organizing a special session in compressed sensing at the 2016 IEEE Information Theory Workshop.

June: I will be speaking in the minisymposium Recent Advances in Scientific Computing at the Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society 2016 Annual Meeting in Edmonton, Alberta.

April: I will be speaking in the minisymposium Theoretical and Computational Advances in Collocation Approximations for High-Dimensional Problems at the SIAM Conference on Uncertainty Quantification in Lausanne, Switzerland.

February: I am an invited speaker at the Low Complexity Models in Signal Processing workshop at the Mathematics of Signal Processing trimester program at the Hausdorff Institute in Bonn.


December: I am an invited speaker at the 2nd International Matheon Conference on Compressed Sensing and its Applications.

August: With Prof Weiran Sun, I am co-organizing the 2015 SFU Symposium on Mathematics and Computation.

August: I will be speaking in the minisymposium on Compressed Sensing, Extensions and Applications at ICIAM in Beijing.

June: I am co-organizing The 2nd Canadian Symposium On Scientific Computing And Numerical Analysis at the 2015 AMMCS-CAIMS Congress in Waterloo, Canada.

May: I am co-organizing a special session at SampTA 2015 on Compressed Sensing and Sparsity Based Regularizations.

March: I am co-organizing two minisymposia at the 2015 SIAM CS&E conference:

March: I will be speaking in the Special Session on Approximation Theory in Signal Processing and Computer Science at the AMS Sectional Meeting at Michigan State University.

February: I will be giving an invited seminar at the PIMS/Shell Lunchbox Lecture series in Calgary: Compressed Sensing: Theory, Applications and Extensions.